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Perfect Vacation Source Highlights September Festivals

Perfect Vacation Source | July 09, 2012 | by 0 Comments

There are music festivals, art festivals, food festivals and festivals that celebrate crafts, but what about a festival for fibbers, asks the staff at the Perfect Vacation Source? How about a festival for Frisbee-catching dogs? The Perfect Vacation Source suggests that some of these and a few more will give travelers something to really talk about around the water cooler on Monday.


Every third Saturday in September people have gathered in New Harmony, Indiana, to tell their biggest whoppers, their hugest tall tales and to generally extrapolate on the idea of the “the biggest fish ever – that got away,” at the Big Whopper Liars Contest. The Perfect Vacation Source reports that this yearly event has been held since 1988 and a panel of judges awards contestants points for exaggeration, humor, stage presence and general overall storytelling ability while telling fibs galore. The event costs five dollars per person for both the entrants and the audience and it’s well worth it for an afternoon of pure entertainment.


According to the Perfect Vacation Source, there are regional dog Frisbee disc competitions across the country, but the biggest one is the Ashley Whippett Canine Frisbee Disc World Finals. This event has been held in Washington, DC every September since 1974. Sixteen teams of regional winners compete head-to-head to win the crown. The contest is open to all dogs and is free for both canines and humans. The grand prizewinner takes home a year’s supply of dog food (both dry and wet) along with treats. The winner also receives a thousand dollar U.S. Savings Bond. There are a lot of dog lovers in the world who show up – approximately 10,000 attend annually.


Finally, there’s a festival where entrepreneurship meets perfectionism – Grandpa John’s Amazing Maze in Lincoln, Nebraska. Every year in September before the corn harvest, Grandpa John (who’s a corn farmer) creates an intricate maze on paper and then he pulls out his lawn mower. Each year the maze is different, and it takes months to make. From the initial envisioning of the maze through the final viewing from an airplane, Grandpa John wants to make sure that the five-acre corn maze is perfect for the over 22,000 visitors who come to visit annually.

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